Face Recognition for Real-Time Surveillance

Face Lookout System (FLS)

The FLS can be used to find and detect persons of interest within a monitored area, whether stationary, moving, or in a crowd. The system uses multiple cameras that are specifically suited and strategically located for face recognition. The FLS is scalable to any size deployment for number of cameras, person traffic, and watch list size.


Alert Manger


Mobile Alert Manager

The FLS is built using a web services architecture making it modular and easy to deploy. Thin client web applications mean no installation on client machines or mobile devices. A centralized alert service allows for central adjudication of alerts, while clients can subscribe to receive alert broadcasts based on custom rules.

Face4 Systems provides professional services to assess an organization’s business requirements and in providing deployment expertise and training. This includes analysis of environment and person flow, design of capture zones and camera positioning, design of lighting, selection of cameras and optics, and provision of custom mounting hardware to suit a given deployment.

Download technical specification of Face4 LOOKOUT SYSTEM (FLS)