Face4 Systems Products

Face Verification Service (FVS)

The Face4 FVS provides a scalable, cloud-based face recognition platform enabling enrollment, identification and checkpoint access. The FVS offers a REST API for fast integration to third party systems, and includes peripheral applications for enrollment and checkpoint access. 

Face Recognition System (FRS)

The Face4 FRS provides large scale 1-1, 1-watchlist and 1-n matching and scales to provide fast and accurate matching for even the largest face image databases. FRS includes bulk enrollment, a full suite of adjudication tools, performance monitoring and flexible reporting tools.

VisPro-Ware SDK

Face4 VisPro-Ware provides image quality assessment and normalization functionalities for face biometric enrolment or matching applications. Compliant with ICAO standards, Face4 VisPro-Ware ensures the image quality and consistency that is essential for face recognition performance. 

Face Image Capture Unit (FIC)

The Face4 FIC provides a hardware image capture unit designed specifically for biometric enrollment. The FIC is designed with the robustness required for commercial applications, and includes a high resolution machine vision camera together with a software controlled LED illuminator. 

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