Face4 Systems Products

Touchless Access Solution

Touchless Fever Detection

Touchless operation reduces the spread of communicable diseases by eliminating contact with physical touchpoints.

Face Recognition System (FRS)

Face4 FRS provides large scale 1-1, 1-watchlist and 1-n matching and scales to provide fast and accurate matching for even the largest face image databases. FRS includes bulk enrollment, a full suite of adjudication tools, performance monitoring and flexible reporting tools.

Face Lookout System (FLS)

The Face4 Lookout System (FLS) implements face recognition technology for real-time surveillance. FLS detects persons of interest who are moving or in a crowd, and is scalable to any number of cameras in either a single or multiple locations.

VisPro-Ware SDK

Face4 VisPro-ware enables image quality assessment and normalization functionalities for applications in biometric enrolment or matching. Image quality is essential for biometric performance, and using Face4 VisPro-ware will ensure the necessary quality and consistency to enable such applications.

Face Image Capture Camera System

To the extent possible, we use proven third party components for face capture cameras and lighting. However, we have found in some cases, commercial products are either not available or not suited to the exacting requirements for face recognition. For these cases, we have designed products optimized for face recognition.
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