Seeing the Future – An Understanding of Facial Recognition


Whether it be from movies, news stories, personal experiences, we are all aware of how ever-increasing computing power and technology advances make applications such as Facial Recognition an evermore present reality today. Increasing features and accuracy, combined with growing demand and downward cost pressures are contributing to an expanding market. But as members of the public, how much do we really know about the good and perhaps the bad of such advances?

This is a question we thought worth exploring at ExecTuesday in February. To our good fortune, there is a company here in Kanata who is happy to educate us. Ilan Arnon is CTO at Face4 Systems Inc., and he will join us with some of the latest insights into the what, how and why of face recognition. He will share his views on how good the technology has become, the applications for it today and in the future, and also the implications of it in terms of privacy, for example.

Ilan holds a Master’s degree in electrical and biomedical engineering from the University of Toronto. He has been involved in face recognition R&D and solution design for more than 18 years now. He has led global teams in the deployment of systems for passport and ID issuance, border control, and security at airports, stadiums and casinos. At Face4 Systems, Ilan has focused on the development of face recognition on-the-move technology for surveillance applications and traveler facilitation, including a world-leading project at Pearson Airport in Toronto. We hope you can join us to hear his presentation.


Date: Tuesday, February 11th, 2020
Time: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: The Marshes Golf Course Clubhouse, 320 Terry Fox Drive, Kanata

Agenda: Pre-presentation networking, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Feature presentation, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Post-presentation discussions, 7:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Cost: No charge